MD Custom Home Finishing

Honest Craftsmanship and Integrity of Design


Thank you for visiting our website. MD Custom Home Finishing is a Victoria, B.C. based finishing carpentry business specializing in creative solutions for challenging projects.

While our personal design style leans toward 'Edwardian' and 'Arts & Crafts/ Bungalow', our flexibility and sense for the elements of good design, allow our work to flourish with whatever design style your project deserves. From Classic styles to Contemporary ideas, we have helped our clients transform their houses into homes since 2005.

Our work is not limited to homes on residential lots. If your home is a Tiny Home on wheels, or a Floating Home or a Yacht on the water, we can accommodate your needs. So, please step inside and see some examples of our work. We look forward to working with you on your upcoming project.

"A craftsman is one who understands his tools and his material and uses them with skill and honesty. It does not matter whether his tool is a chisel or a planing machine, it is the work that he does with it that counts." - Thomas Hibben, The Carpenter's Tool Chest, 1933