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Akamai Boards

We have added a new line of fitness/ balance boards to our product line.

Pa Poko, the shorter, Balance/Surf Trainer and the longer, Pa Loa, Stand Up Paddleboard/Yoga Board.

Each is made with 18mm Baltic Birch plywood with inlaid dark hardwood accent strips.

Pa Poko can be ordered with two diameters of lightweight pipe for different training levels and methods. You may also use your own Yoga foam rollers, Balance cushions, Yoga blocks, etc as fulcrum points. If using the optional pipes, the Pa Poko can be used with the pivot pipe running perpendicular or parallel to your stance providing two distinct types of movement. While both methods help work your core and leg muscles, the parallel 'Surf' stance also helps with off-season surf training, whether new to surfing or a seasoned veteran.

The Pa Loa comes with wooden elliptical 'rockers' attached to the underside to mimic the feeling of a Stand Up Paddleboard. These are ideal for Yoga Practioners who want to add an extra level of intensity to their program by adding instability to their 'base' in a controlled environment (ie your studio) or during inclement weather- with no chance of getting wet! This model can also be used for practising your "pop-up" for surfing.

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